Department of Geomatics

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria - Nigeria



Welcome to the Department of Geomatics at the Ahmadu Bello University. The Department offers quality undergraduate and graduate programmes. We are a leading Geomatics Department in Nigeria since 1972. The Department previously offered programme in Land Surveying. The Department in recent times has updated and attuned the former Land Surveying programme to modern developments in the Geomatics profession to reflect the changing needs of the profession, especially in the areas of information, computing and telecommunications technology, satellite technology, and modern mapping, data capture and processing techniques courtesy of the facilities it possesses. The Department is equipped with modern digital laboratories, equipment stores, office accommodations for teaching and non-teaching staff and a Library. The Department of Geomatics in Ahmadu Bello University remains one of the most equipped federal universities in Nigeria offering Degree programmes in Geomatics. The Department attracts students from a variety of backgrounds with diverse career goals. We engage in community outreach and interdisciplinary research. Members of academic staff are leading international researchers in their specialist fields and this research activity underpins our teaching, ensuring that the latest developments are incorporated into our teaching programme. The field of Geomatics is very broad and we teach right across this spectrum, offering undergraduate and graduate courses, with technical subjects ranging from Geodesy, Cartography, Photogrammetry and remote sensing, Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), Computer hardware and software, Data visualisation and Interpretation, Data format and transfer, Robotics and Telematics. Additionally, our curriculum allows for the acquisition of generic skills in contract negotiation, financial statement analysis, proposal /science paper writing, marketing, team work and presentations, project management, leadership and management etc. The Department is optimistic that the conceptualisation of a broad curriculum will produce the type of graduate that meets the requirements of the potential employer. We believe that in our society there will be a growing need for those who; understand spatial data acquisition and integration issues, comprehend the propagation of uncertainty in spatial data handling and analysis, can advise on complementary and supplementary data capture, have the competence to communicate spatial information, and possess the adroitness to build and maintain key spatial data infrastructure (both hardware and software). We can see a bright future for these individuals. They are the ones we produce in the Department of Geomatics. If you have any questions about our programme or would like to visit please drop us a line.

The Department of Geomatics, Faculty of Environmental Design, in Ahmadu Bello University will provide its students, faculty, and staff with the best possible resources and conditions for learning and research, creating a working environment dedicated to excellence, equity, societal progress, international exposure and mutual respect, through: 1. Co-operating with government, business, industry, professionals, and the general community, to apply new knowledge, prepare its students for fulfilling careers, and improve the quality of life through leading-edge education and research. 2. maintaining a viable, efficient and relevant academic unit providing high level undergraduate and continuing education in Geomatics, suitable for productive professional and technical careers with principal emphasis on satellite systems, spatial data collection techniques , digital mapping, and spatial analysis using geographic information technology while constantly working to build Geomatics into a discipline of increased recognition and reward; and 3. Providing accredited undergraduate programs in Geomatics which satisfy the requirements of the National Universities Commission (NUC) and its authorised agents, the Surveyors Council of Nigeria (SURCON), and other specializations for outstanding practice of their profession.

The Geomatics Program at Ahmadu Bello University will be a leader in Geomatics education in Nigeria and stay competitive at the cutting edge of technology through the excellence of its faculty, staff, students, and facilities.